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Airfare Tips, Tricks and Twitter

In a previous article “Where to Next? Japan?” I stated that I manged to snag a rout trip ticket to Japan for under $600 USD. How did I manage to do that? Are you on Twitter? If not, you should be! I know you’re expecting a giant list but I won’t do that to you. […]

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Twitter – Follow Friday Suggestions

Seeing as how it’s Friday and I loves my Twitter, I think it’s time for some Follow Friday love. Since I’m NOT in Portland for the World Domination Summit *sad face* here is a quick list of some of my top picks that are. @joelrunyon of http://www.joelrunyon.com/two3 @CorbettBarr of http://corbettbarr.com @seanogle of http://seanogle.com @NevEndingVoyage of http://www.neverendingvoyage.com @WanderingEarl of […]

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Twitter #FollowFriday for 2011-1-21

Twitter can be an amazing tool for communication and sharing information. It’s potential it limitless and since I’ve been using twitter for sometime (we’ll just leave it at that) I’ve been able to find some cool people to follow. For those of your who aren’t sure, Follow Friday was started to introduce you to new […]

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