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Favorite SE Asia Videos

Below you’ll find a few of my favorite videos I’ve found on the subject of SE Asia. Most of the videos are of Thailand but if you follow Vagabond Guide or my Facebook page you’ll know that I have a weird obsession with SE Asia.

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Thailand Floods - 2011

Video about the Thailand floods

      Article taken from the Washington Post BANGKOK — Floodwaters from Thailand’s flood-ravaged central heartland pushed farther into Bangkok on Monday, as residents of long-submerged provinces north of the capital started to rebuild their lives. The water slowly advancing through Bangkok’s northern and western neighborhoods is threatening the city’s subway system, two key […]

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Video: One Time in Thailand

Before I left for Thailand I managed to get my hands on a new point and shoot camera. I managed to pick up at Casio EX-FC100. This little beast is able to shoot some pretty amazing video for being so small and affordable. For around $165 you can shoot at up to 1000fps. While shooting […]

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Top 13 Tips for Traveling in Thailand

After almost exactly one month here in Thailand I’ve learnt a handful of things. Things that would have come in very handy from the beginning. Some of the tips are more important than the others and not everyone is going to agree with my tips. These are more of just things I’ve noticed and wanted […]

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Taking a trip of a lifetime?

Since I decided to try my hand at a life on the road, I’ve started to hear the same thing over and over. Before I left the United States my friends and family were telling me that I was taking a trip of a lifetime. When I got to Thailand I heard it a few […]

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