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Digital Sabbatical – The New Vacation

Do you ever stop and remember the old days when we didn’t have cell phones? I remember I got my first cell phone toward the end of the year when I was a Sophomore in high school. What did we do before that? Landlines? Totally hands free driving? Not worrying when you call someone and they didn’t […]

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Laptops & Minimalism

Being a computer geek and a photography nerd, some aspects of minimalism can have its challenges. My love for all things related to technology and my desire for minimalist travel can be a tricky subject. I enjoy video games and photo/video editing and with the all the options for HD video and super high res […]

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Adam’s Top 29 WordPress Plugins for 2010

WordPress plugins are nothing shy of totally amazing and WordPress is quickly becoming the de facto hosting platform for almost any kind of site. It could be just a blog, a photoblog, an e-commerce site or even just a basic webpage. The amount of customization is insane and the root of that stems from the […]

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