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thesixtyone.com – a music adventure

Recently I’ve stumbled upon a cool site called The Sixty One. A lot of various types of music from blues to electronic. I haven’t had a chance to explore a lot but so far I like. I’ve pretty much been listening to the electronic portion of the site. A lot of unsigned artist and some […]

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British Grime Music

A few weeks back I was playing PGR 4 on my Xbox 360 and this song came on while I was racing and it caught my ear. I wrecked 2 times trying to find that song again. It turned out to be “blah blah” by Lady Sovereign. Once I had that bit of info I […]

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Microsoft Zune Music Marketplace

The Microsoft Zune Music Marketplace, also known as just the Zune Marketplace is boasting that they have something like 6 million songs. I know the name is long and isn’t as catchy as “iTunes” but hey, what do you want. It’s Microsoft. I have recently purchased a Zune 120GB (which I will be reviewing later […]

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