Suggested Travel Gear

Welcome to the Suggested Products page! I’ll be keeping an ever updating page of products that I use and recommend. Some are products that are from friends and other are just your run of the mill stuff like cameras and backpacks. Make sure to bookmark this page and it’ll be updated when I find a new product I like!

Books/Music/Other Media

Nature Relaxing Sounds – Having trouble sleeping? Like to write to the inspiring sounds of the forest but can’t find a power plug? Nature sounds is a product from a good guy trying to make his way in the crazy digital world. Nate Damm is planning on walking across the United States and I tip my hat to such a feet. Get it? Feet? Walk…yeah. Anyway, check it out! I like to set my phone to stun and let the sounds play until I fall asleep!

The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life – An excellent ebook from Zen Habits about one of my favorite subjects. Minimalism is a specific way of life and that I think everyone can take a page from. Be sure to check it out, it’s worth the few bucks.

Unautomate Your Finances – Stuck in debt? Need a plan or maybe a little kick in the ass? It won’t be easy and it won’t be a quick fix but there is a way. A few years ago I was eyeball deep in debt and finally got my self out with a little brain power and lots of time selling my stuff. Although I did this before I knew about Man vs Debt, I highly recommend this ebook.

4 Hour Work Week – This is a great book. Tim has some awesome ideas. The basics of the book? Automate as many daily tasks as possible. Maximize your time by focusing on the highest return clients. Position yourself to work remotely which in turn will allow you to work anywhere in the world that has a internet connection. 

Computers/Cameras/Misc Electronics

Samsung Galaxy S4 – I’m getting ready to upgrade to this phone from the S3. Why? Because it’s awesome! It’s basically a mini computer that is able to meet almost all of my needs for things like basic web stuff, social media, and of course media. Like to watch movies? This has a BEAUTIFUL screen. It’s light, thin, and meets multiple needs. It’s perfect for a minimalist with a grip on reality. Oh, and it also makes phone calls.

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 – Small, light, powerful, and tough? Sounds great! You do pay a bit of a premeium for it though. Coming in at around $1000 it will hurt the wallet a bit but if you ask me, this thing rocks. I’ve never been a huge Mac fan and as far as I can see Lenovo is a top contender. If you’re going to be working on the road then this is something you may want to consider. 

WD My Passport 2TB Portable Drive – This little guys packs a lot of data into a small space. I ALWAYS have at least one portable drive with me. I take a ton of pictures and video and don’t like to fill up the drive on my system. If you’re a backup nut like I am then this is it. I’ve even been known to carry one or two extra 1TB drives and mail them to a good friend or family member when they get full for safe keeping

Nikon COOLPIX AW100 – Drop proof, water proof, freeze proof, and probably even kid proof. I know for a fact that it’s travel proof. It takes great photos, has a built in GPS for tagging with location, and is great on battery life. My Nikon AW100 has gone on several trips with me and saw some heavy use. It always stood up to the test. I know a few other people with the same camera and all of them rock and keep on rocking! 

Sony NEX-5R – Here’s the deal. It’s no secret that I’m a photo crazy person. Shooting photos and video is one of my passions. I used to carry around a BIG ol’ Nikon D7000 DSLR with multiple lenses, an extra battery, and a cleaning kit. It got tiring having that thing in my backpack. That’s when I got smart. Why carry around this HEAVY camera and gear when I can take quality photos with something that weighs half as much. Oh, and that’s NOT including the extra lenses and gear.  I can’t recommend this camera enough. I love it!

GoPro Hero3 Silver – Everyone has heard of GoPro and probably many of you have one. If you haven’t though, listen up! It’s true that the Nikon AW100 is water proof but only so down to something like 15 feet. That’s great if you’re in a pool or messing around in some tide pools but what about when you jump off that cliff? What if you take a scuba tour? The Hero 3 is good down to 197 feet. Let me say that again…197 feet! Not mention it takes AWESOME 1080p video, high MP photos, and I could go on. For the price you can beat this action camera. For the record, I have the silver edition as the black has some features that I don’t need and it costs an extra $100. 


ExOffico Boxers17 Countries. 6 Weeks. One pair of underwear. That’s their slogan. I’ve got a few pairs of these things and they rock! They’re super comfy and work as advertised. Not that I’ve tried to go 6 weeks with out a wash but I’m sure they’d work like a charm.

Smart Wool Socks – I LOVE these socks! I’ve been wearing them for several years now on an almost daily basis. The only time I don’t wear them is when I don’t have shoes on or am wearing a flip flop or something. They dry fast, keep your feet warm, and in the summer they don’t over heat your feet!

Native Hardtop Sunglasses – I wear these babies every day. They seem to be pretty tough and the changeable lenses rock. Not to mention they are comfortable to wear on my big head.