My Gear

Lately I’ve been getting some questions about what I travel with so I figured I’d put a dedicated page to my gear. I’ll keep this page updated to what I’m using in my travels. Keep in mind that I don’t take ALL of this gear on every adventure. I tailor it each trip and usually post a packlist for that specifictrip. That being said, be sure to check back often for updates!

Electronics – Listed in this category are the electronics that usually tend to carry with me. I’ll give you my thoughts on various gadgets and places to get them.
Backpacks & BagsNot a large category but an important one!
Clothes – Probably one of the larger categories next to electronics but if you ask me, the most important. They generally don’t let you on the plane without any clothes!
Miscellaneous – These are things that don’t fit into the previous categories. Things like various toiletries that I’ve found super helpful.