Twitter Follow Friday

Twitter can be an amazing tool for communication and sharing information. It’s potential it limitless and since I’ve been using twitter for sometime (we’ll just leave it at that) I’ve been able to find some cool people to follow.

For those of your who aren’t sure, Follow Friday was started to introduce you to new people to follow. Usually with similar interests. Below are a few of the lists I’ve made that have been broken down into groups.

If you’d like to follow me, I’m @Adam_Mayfield

My suggestion is that you follow these lists for a while. Give a few weeks to a month and by then you’ll probably have found a few people that you want to follow yourself. I know that Follow Friday should only be on Friday but be sure to check back on a regular basis as I’m always finding new people to follow.

I also suggest you use TweetDeck. It makes adding lists and columns a breeze.