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Top 11 Android Apps for the Traveler

Traveling with a smart phone for some is a simple question. For business people, it’s probably a big ol’ yes and for the casual backpacker probably a simple no. What about the rest of us? What if you don’t fit into either of these categories? You might be asking yourself if you want to try […]

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Airfare Tips, Tricks and Twitter

In a previous article “Where to Next? Japan?” I stated that I manged to snag a rout trip ticket to Japan for under $600 USD. How did I manage to do that? Are you on Twitter? If not, you should be! I know you’re expecting a giant list but I won’t do that to you. […]

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Top 13 Tips for Traveling in Thailand

After almost exactly one month here in Thailand I’ve learnt a handful of things. Things that would have come in very handy from the beginning. Some of the tips are more important than the others and not everyone is going to agree with my tips. These are more of just things I’ve noticed and wanted […]

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