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The Hoo-Rag | Product Review

A few days ago I received a Hoo-Rag in the mail. The Hoo-Rag company wanted me to give it try, write a review and give you my thoughts.  My first thoughts when pulling the Hoo-Rag out of the package was that it was simply just a piece cloth that had been put together to make […]

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Top 5 Books for the Vagaonbond and Traveler

Growing up I was a huge computer nerd and for what ever reason I never read that much. Although I’ve always loved movies, especially the ones about travel, I couldn’t get enough.  Over that past few years I’ve started to read more and while there are plenty of books that don’t suit my taste, there are plenty […]

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Bags Packed? 40L of Goodies!

Last night I did my first test pack and I’m happy to say it turned out better than I thought it would. I was able to get everything in there with room to spare. The pack is a bit on the heavy side but I have to remember it’s not just housing my clothes, it’s […]

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Product Review: Kiva Key Chain Backpack

That’s right kids. Another product review. I know you are freakin’ excited but please try and contain yourself. This next item relates to that saying. Big things in small packages…or something like that. The Kiva Key Chain Backpack is a  little devil that weighs pretty much nothing and packs away into pretty much nothing. When […]

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