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Top 11 Android Apps for the Traveler

Traveling with a smart phone for some is a simple question. For business people, it’s probably a big ol’ yes and for the casual backpacker probably a simple no. What about the rest of us? What if you don’t fit into either of these categories? You might be asking yourself if you want to try […]

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T-Mobile G2 Review

Where should I start? I got the G2 as a replacement for the MyTouch 3g Slide. After three replacements I demanded something different and finally got it. My initial thoughts on the G2 are that it’s a damn nice phone but not without flaws. In your hand the phone feels like a real piece of […]

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M80’s Top 9 Google G1 Apps

Here I will be listing in moderate detail my top 9 G1 applications. I’ve found the G1 to be an awesome phone. It does just about everything I need and a little extra. There are however, a few things I’d like to see changed about it. We can get into that later though. Without any […]

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T-Mobile G1 and My Thoughts

The T-Mobile G1 is the best phone in the history of the world! Have you not seen the video reviews and seen the specs? GPS, 3G, Touchscreen, WiFi, etc, etc. That’s what I thought until I started to delve deeper into what it can ACTUALLY do. Sure it has a built in compass with a […]

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