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Taking a trip of a lifetime?

Since I decided to try my hand at a life on the road, I’ve started to hear the same thing over and over. Before I left the United States my friends and family were telling me that I was taking a trip of a lifetime. When I got to Thailand I heard it a few […]

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Doors Close & Windows Open

**Warning** This post contains no info to help you do anything. It’s purely a “what is going on with me” post and it may get personal. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This past week I completed a huge milestone. Almost three years of selling my things, paying off debt, and living as minimalist have […]

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The Minimalist and the Holidays

For most of us the holidays are here and for many, it’s a favorite. Last year around this time I was working on furthering my minimalism but was unsure on how to handle Christmas. I wasn’t really looking for any gifts but wasn’t sure how to go about telling my friends and family about my […]

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Digital Sabbatical – The New Vacation

Do you ever stop and remember the old days when we didn’t have cell phones? I remember I got my first cell phone toward the end of the year when I was a Sophomore in high school. What did we do before that? Landlines? Totally hands free driving? Not worrying when you call someone and they didn’t […]

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Hanging out at the pool...

Scuba Diving in Central Oregon

As of yesterday October 17th 2010, I was able to scratch another item off of my bucket list. I am now officially certified as a basic open water scuba diver through PADI. After two weeks, a few hundred bucks, and some outstanding time spent underwater, I was able to get my “learners permit” for diving. The only thing I […]

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