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Airfare Tips, Tricks and Twitter

In a previous article “Where to Next? Japan?” I stated that I manged to snag a rout trip ticket to Japan for under $600 USD. How did I manage to do that? Are you on Twitter? If not, you should be! I know you’re expecting a giant list but I won’t do that to you. […]

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Doors Close & Windows Open

**Warning** This post contains no info to help you do anything. It’s purely a “what is going on with me” post and it may get personal. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This past week I completed a huge milestone. Almost three years of selling my things, paying off debt, and living as minimalist have […]

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Forex Update: March 2010

Last month (March) was the first month where I started to actually track my progress on the forex. At the beginning of each month I will start out with a set amount of cash. This cash goal is obtainable for me in real life. My goal is to make enough on the forex each month […]

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