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Bags Packed? 40L of Goodies!

Last night I did my first test pack and I’m happy to say it turned out better than I thought it would. I was able to get everything in there with room to spare. The pack is a bit on the heavy side but I have to remember it’s not just housing my clothes, it’s […]

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T-Mobile HotSpot @Home – Review

I’ve been using this HotSpot @Home from T-Mobile for several months now and have come to really like it. A lot…probably to much. I’m a techno geek and I love my gadgets. I have a 1000 minute plan and on a regular basis I talk about 600-800 minutes a month. Sometimes more and sometimes less. […]

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Clothes Review: Columbia Long-Sleeve Shirt

After have a discussion with a friend of mine. I’ve decided to try and keep my blog on track…or mostly anyway. With that in mind and my blog being primarily aimed at travel here is my first review. To the left you will see some random black man wearing a Columbia Sportswear Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve […]

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