Bucket List

For most of my life I’ve kept a mental list of things I wanted to do in life. However, after starting this site I’ve decided to write them down and put up my bucket list for all to see. The list below is in no particular order. This list will always be growing so be sure to check back to see what I’ve completed and what news things I want to do!


  1. Learn to speak another language fluently
  2. Write a book and sell it
  3. Start a successful online business
  4. Travel for at least 1 month straight – Completed Feb 2010
  5. Travel for at least 3 months straight
  6. Travel for at least 6 months straight
  7. Travel for at least one year straight
  8. Skydive
  9. Base Jump
  10. Base Flying – Video
  11. Bungee Jump
  12. Learn to scuba dive – Completed Oct 2010
  13. Obtain Advanced Open Water Scuba Cert
  14. Obtain Master Diver Cert
  15. Scuba dive in tropical waters
  16. Swim/Dive with sharks
  17. Learn to sail
  18. Buy a plane ticket at the airport without planning where to go
  19. Spend the day with Trey Ratcliff
  20. Get a photo published
  21. Get a photo published in National Geographic
  22. Attend a F1 race
  23. Photograph F1 or La Mans race
  24. Photograph a major sporting event (from the sidelines)
  25. Photograph a major concert (from backstage/photopit)
  26. Get a story or post published in a magazine
  27. Shoot, edit, and publish a documentary film
  28. Shoot, edit, and publish a travel series
  29. Kayak with whales

North America

  1. Attend Burning Man in Nevada
  2. Experience Las Vegas, Nevada as an adult – Completed Sept 2010
  3. Ride in a Airboat over a swamp
  4. Drive / Ride the ALCAN (Alaska-Canadian Highway)
  5. Trail Ride Hawaii Like This!


  1. Visit India for Holi
    (Festival of Colors)
  2. Attend a Full Moon Party in Thailand Completed Feb 2010
  3. Visit Harajuku Tokyo – Completed July 2011
  4. Walk across the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo – Completed July 2011
  5. See the Tokyo Tower – Completed July 2011
  6. See the Tokyo Tsukiji Fish MarketCompleted July 2011
  7. Participate in Yi Peng (Lantern Festival)


  1. Tour the bridge in Sydney bridgeclimb.com
  2. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  3. See Uluru
  4. Tour the Sydney Opera House

South America

  1. Experience Machu Picchu
  2. Ride a motorcycle from the United States to the tip of Argentina
  3. Watch a football (soccer) game in Brazil
  4. Visit the Galapagos
  5. Experience Carnival in Rio
  6. See Easter Island
  7. See the locks at the Panama Canal
  8. See the start and finish of the Baja 1000


  1. See the Tour de France finish in Paris
  2. Attend the filming of Top Gear
  3. Spend the day driving with Jeremy Clarkson
  4. Tour the Vatican
  5. Drive on the Autobahn
  6. Drink beer in Germany at Oktoberfest
  7. See the Northern Lights in Norway
  8. Explore the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy, France
  9. Be inspired at Giverny
  10. Drink from the healing waters at Mont Sainte-Odile
  11. Have a soak in Baden Baden, Germany 


  1. Watch a football (soccer) game in South Africa
  2. Go on safari and photograph the “big 5”
  3. Go on safari in Gabon
  4. See the jumping Great White Sharks