About Me

Adam-Mayfield-VagabondGuideMy name is Adam and I was born in Bend, Oregon and moved around quite a bit in Oregon and California. I did a fair amount of traveling as a teen and was able to see much of the United States. From that point on I had caught a bug.

The travel bug had a hold of me and wasn’t letting go. I got side tracked for many years trying to have what I call an “abnormal” life. I am of course talking about…

  • A good steady job
  • A house and mortgage payment
  • A car payment
  • More stuff than I knew what to do with
  • And of course credit card debt

I have since shed 90% of my excess items and debt and am currently working my way toward traveling until I find a place I like enough to stay.

I’m constantly learning new things on what seems like a day to day basis.

My objective with this blog is document my progress. You will find just about everything here. This site is called the Vagabond Guide but it will be much much more than that. I hope to fill it with news, reviews, how-to guides, and anything else that comes to mind.

Be sure to also check out my Bucket List, it’s constantly being updated!

Breakdown of me:

The Basics

  • Name: Adam Mayfield
  • Gender: Guy
  • Primary Language: English
  • Place of Residence: Bend, Oregon
  • Sign: Libra (I’m not in that kinda thing at all!)
  • High School: Mountain View High School, Bend, Oregon


  • Photography
  • Computers & video games
  • Social Engineering
  • Travel (duh!)
  • Writing


Other notable things are that I’m not really that fond of the the cold…


  • Mountain Biking
  • Skiing badly
  • Scuba diving
  • Hiking or anything in the great outdoors

Let me start off by saying that I listen to lots of different kinds of music and it all depends on my mood. Also, I may listen to the same kind of music for an entire month non stop and just switch one day. I’m weird like that.

  • Drum and Bass
  • Punk Rock (old school)
  • Metal (Not so much big hair or power metal)
  • DubStep

When I was in school I learned to play the Trumpet and in my early 20’s I tried my hand at the drums. It turns out that I can only do three things at once. If I tried to use both hands and feet everything went haywire!


  • English
  • Spanish (Enough to order food and count to 10)
  • Japanese (I’m horrible at it! But I’m getting better.)

I may not like the winter that much but I love the summer!

That’s about it. It seems that people love to read this kinda thing. I’ll be sure to keep this page updated as things change. Like if I learn to butcher a new language!