Nintendo Entertainment System – NES

Aww yes. The old classic. The NES. It was a favorite as a child for me and acted as one of the best babysitters I ever had. It kept me busy during the day and warm at night. I had a ton of games and hours and hours of pure frustration.

Fast forward to today and I have an anger problem. Not just a regular shake my fist at other drivers anger. I’m talking about unadulterated anger. Yell at people out of my window when they are being retarded. Make comments to people who are looking at me funny in the store. Ya know…things of that nature. I think that I owe it all to the NES.

All the house spent in front of that TV getting pissed because I can’t pass a level and then throwing the controller, trained me at a young age for anger.

I’ve recently pulled my NES out of the closet to hook it up and play. I also nabbed a few gigs of NES and SNES roms from the intertubes for my Xbox. After playing some of my favorites for awhile I realized that these games are hard! Super Mario Bros 3 for example. The god damn ice world is so frustrating that it’s insane. How did I ever deal with this as a child.

My road rage, my anger, my snide comments to other people, are all rooting from my Nintendo. After playing for an hour or two as and adult (23 years of age) I started getting really pissed off. The swearing at the TV and throwing my remotes all came back. Just like riding a bike. You never forget.

The first time I said “F&$K this game!” and tossed my remote down, I had an instant flash back to when I was young. I did the same thing. Minus the swear words.

So i leave you with this. Keep child hood memories great by NOT playing your old consoles. That goes for NES, Sega, Atari, etc. It’s not worth it!