Motorcycle Woes

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning. It was a warm but not terribly hot day. The previous few weeks had been spent searching the vast internet to find a motorcycle. You know, those fantastic two wheeled death machines.

Finally I had found one that fit into my budget, looked decent, and according to the older man. Ran well. It was a 1984 Honda Magna VF700C.

The previous night I had been in contact via email with the owner and I wanted to sleep on it to make sure this is what I wanted to do. I woke up and after thinking this over. I made the decision to just do it. No time like the present I tell myself.

After getting ready and setting up the meet with the fellow. We get into the car and start driving. About 100 miles later we arrive at our destination and after a quick chat I’m off test riding the bike. I take it for a quick spin around the block and everything performs at I think a 23 year old bike should. All I can tell is that it may need a little tuning. Nothing major. I pay the man, hop on the bike and ride home the 100 miles.

Once I get home how ever, the bike will not idle to save it’s life. I figure it just needs a proper tuning since it was probably only tuned half assed and to a lower elevation. So I dismiss the fact and go down to the DMV to transfer the title.

The next day I take the bike to a well known local bike shop and tell them I’d like my carbs synced and if they need it. Cleaned.  The bloke at the shop says no problem and I drive off. Not more than an hour later I get a phone call. The shop keep says that he has some bad news. He tells me that I’m probably going to need a valve adjustment and that I’d probably cost me $250ish. I tell him Ok that isn’t to horrible. Then he tells me there is more. I’m also in a world of hurt in the transmission department. Turns out that 2nd gear is getting ready to explode and make the bike worthless. If I wanted to fix it however, it’d only be about $1150.

He suggests that I sell the bike for what ever I can get out of it and try to get some of my money back.

Here I am. Left with a bike that I can’t ride, a wallet that wasn’t fat to begin with and in fact, is now a little thinner, and me being very very pissed off.

Lesson learned here? I think so. Never ever buy anything used that isn’t either checked out by a mechanic or certified/under a warrenty. It will save you a huge headache and probably some cash if it’s a bad vehicle.