5 Reasons to Consign Your Gear

Photo by Dave Keeshan

Summer is almost over. At least here in Central Oregon where I currently live anyway. The rain is starting to fall, it’s getting cooler at night and soon the snow will start to fly. I’m sure over the summer you’ve managed to acquire a few more things that you wanted to and now have no room in your garage for that extra bike or maybe even a kayak.

I haven’t touched on the subject of minimalism in sometime for good reason. I haven’t really had anything worth saying on the subject. I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut. I’ve managed to get my possessions down to a very manageable size and to be honest I got completely comfortable. Then something hit me like it always does and I was back on track! Over the past month or so I’ve been able to sell two out of my 4 bicycles and working on getting rid of one more. Up for sale right now is a spare laptop, my Xbox 360, and a few smaller items. I also have a pair of skis which need to go and that leads me to the main point of this post.


Consigning your stuff can be a beautiful thing. A lot of times people don’t have the knowledge to put something on Craigslist or maybe your snowboard is way to big to ship and list on Ebay but thankfully there is an answer. Consignment.

Consignment shops usually get a fair amount of foot traffic and they get people who are looking for a specific item. Where as on Craigslist your stuff in buried deep down the list, among many other postings. When you consign your stuff you won’t get full asking price but one of the huge benefits is that your stuff gets seen by people everyday. If the shop employs knowledgeable staff they point the customers in the right direction and hopefully to your items.

Some of the main benefits of consigning are…

  • Gets the stuff out of your house
  • You don’t need to re-list your items
  • You don’t have to make appointments to show your stuff
  • No haggling or deal making
  • The customer can actually see your stuff

The best part though is that when you stuff does sell, you get a check made out to you! For real cash money!

With winter fast approaching now is the time to seek out a consignment shop and get your unwanted and unneeded winter gear out of your house! Let the consignment shop deal with the people and the haggling. You’ve got better things to do!

I’d be happy to answer any questions about minimalism in the comments or feel free to shoot me an email via my contact form! Also, be sure to check out The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life by Leo Babauta. Great ebook about all things minimalism.

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