Review: TMobile MyTouch 3g Slide

I’m going on something like 3-4 months of using my new MyTouch 3G Slide, I think I’m able to give a fairly accurate review of the phone.

The Good

At first glance the phone has pretty decent specs and it’s fairly stylish. Since it’s running the Android OS you know that it’ll come with tons of apps and the Android platform has been pretty reliable. Not to mention it’s integration with Gmail, Google Maps (with GPS), and Google Voice it also comes with a full physical keyboard. Surely it seems like a great buy.

From what I’ve seen, the phone has plenty of power to handle just about anything I’ve been able to throw at it with very few lockups and take it from me, I’m not easy on my phones. My phone also serves not only has just a phone and text messaging machine, it also handles all my GPS and Mp3 needs. Everyday on my way to work I listen to music and it plays with out a hitch. The full 2.5mm headphone jack comes in very handy!

Another cool feature is the Swype keyboard. I’ve inserted a video because it’s a hell of a lot easier to show you than try and explain.

All in all it’s a pretty decent little phone with a full keyboard. However, it’s not without it’s flaws.

The Bad

Over the past few months I’ve had to return my phone for a blown handset speaker not just once but twice. I’m on my third phone now. I was really hoping that the third time around was really going to do the trick and so far so good. Well, until yesterday when my Swype keyboard just stopped working. For what ever reason when I try to enter text via Swype my phone hangs. I have to wait around 15 seconds for it to start accepting my entry.

That is not the only issue either. As you can see below the Genius button is slower than a snail on downers.

Video from @MorganOneal

The last issue I’ve had with the phone has only happened on this particular handset. When recieveing a call while doing something like sending a text message or browsing the internet, the call will come up but not allow me to tap the answer button. It will just keep ringing over and over until you remove the back cover and take out the battery. Thankfully the person on the other end gets sent to voicemail so I don’t miss the call entirely.

In my opinion these are some pretty big flaws and a hard thing to overlook when trying to find a new phone. With the G2 hopefully coming out soon I’d probably just hold off and see how the G2 fairs.

UPDATE: So as of last night Sept 27th the backlight on the W and S keys is starting to go out. This is happening on my 3rd phone. I’m done with it! The G2 comes out soon and you can bet I’ll be in there with an unhappy face today.

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