Can Travel and Minimalism Save Your Life?

If we were to take a ride in the way back machine to 2008, I would have been a totally different person; debt coming out my ears, enough stuff to choke 50 elephants, and absolutely no direction in life.  I was eating what I wanted and drinking a bit more than I probably should have. I was getting fatter and lazier by the day.

That’s when I came across minimalistic travel by total accident. I was always in love with the idea of travel, I just never thought it possible for me until the ripe old of 200 and somehow managed to save enough to take a trip overseas. To me, extended travel was only open to the rich and the retired. After reading every book and blog I could get my hands on (some of which are listed to the right under my favorite sites & blogs), I was ready to dive in head first and never come back up for air. But where to start?

By coincidence, I had been laid off of my job and was falling behind on my mortgage payment along with everything else. I had no choice to but to start selling everything that wasn’t nailed down. Once that ball had started rolling, it did nothing but pick up speed. Fast forward two years and here I am. My debt is almost totally eliminated, I’ve gotten rid of 95% of my things, and I even have some money stashed in the bank. Actual liquid funds! Not mention, I’m eating healthier and exercising on a regular basis. It’s like I’m an actual human being!

Has minimalism and the dream of travel saved my life? Maybe not in the “OMG I’m going to bleed to death” sense but in the “I REALLY don’t want to spend the rest of my life in this cubical” sense, absolutely!

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Not only has it taken care of my debt, it’s allowed me to change my habits. I’m no longer an impulse buyer and I’m much more conscious of what I eat and drink. My lifestyle as allowed me to cut my stress level by 75% or more. The environment that I try to surround myself with isn’t the toxic one of yesteryear but a much happier and healthy one.

This massive lifestyle change has taken its sweet time but now it’s time harvest the fruit of my labor. Over the next two months I will scratch off two things that are my Bucket List. For me, that is one of the best feelings I’ve had in a long time!

Don’t let your things control your life!

If you aren’t losing sleep over your dreams, then that’s all they are is dreams.

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