T-Mobile HotSpot @Home – Review

I’ve been using this HotSpot @Home from T-Mobile for several months now and have come to really like it. A lot…probably to much. I’m a techno geek and I love my gadgets. I have a 1000 minute plan and on a regular basis I talk about 600-800 minutes a month. Sometimes more and sometimes less.

I got this service for a few reasons. One was that the company I was working for at the time required me to use a cell phone for tech support calls. I started this job and was very very close to going over my minutes each month. I heard about this hot spot program and jumped on it. It has worked like a champ. Granted I no longer work for said company I still have this service attached to my phone. Why? Why not stop and save me that $10 a month? I have no clue. Well, other than it’s fun! I love searching for open wireless signals at my favorite spots. I get all giddy when I find and can connect. I have to tell whom ever I’m with that I can make free phones and it no use my minutes! They just look at me like I’m retarded.

Sound quality is great, there is no latency that I can hear, and it just works. It automatically connects to programed wireless without a hitch. The only problem I’ve ran into with my blackberry 8320 is handing off between UMA (which is the hotspot at home) and the EDGE service. It seems to drop the call. They say this isn’t suppose to happen but it does. I keep waiting for the new OS for my blackberry but no luck yet.

Ohh!! I almost forgot. Keep in mind that I have yet to try this but from what I read on the net, you can make calls to the use from any open wifi network. Yes, that does mean overseas. Say you’re in Bangkok (hehe) and you want to all home because you miss you mommy. Find a open wireless and have a at it. I guess there can be some latency and quality issues when doing this over seas but who cares? It’s free calls home! Just make sure you turn off your mobile network setting and just keep your wi-fi on so your don’t make an “oops” call and get charged out your ass.

Final Thought

This service gets 2 thumbs up from me. Instead of having 500 minutes left over each month. I know have appx 900 left over each month.

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