Google Voice – Expanded

Awhile back I wrote a post about Google Voice and the Vagabonder and I just wanted to say…

Things just got better! Google has just announced that you will now be able to make calls from you computer via Gmail. All you need now is a headset and a internet connection and you’re set!

If you are calling in the U.S. and Canada it’s still free. International calls are charged at Google’s low rate. I’d be curious to find out if while out of the country and you make a call to U.S. phone number you have to pay a rate or if it’s free. Google expects to roll this out over the next few days so keep an eye out for it!

I’m glad to see that Skype has some competition now. Hopefully this will do wonders for the advancement of VoIP.

Be sure to check it out here: Google Voice via Gmail

Hopefully the next step will be to make calls from you handset via WiFi while overseas.

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