3 More Must Have Free Netbook Apps

Awhile back I wrote a post about 8 Must Have Netbook Apps and I got some decent response from it. Since then, netbooks have continued to gain popularity and I have added a few more applications to my list of everyday programs.

  1. Gmail Offline
    I know, I know! Google this and Google that. Seriously though, Gmail Offline is pretty awesome. It¬†basically¬†downloads your recent mail and stores it on you computer for offline use. Not only does it allow your to read you mail offline, it also allows you to compose new emails while offline. It’s stores them until you are able to connect to the internet again.You can access Offline Gmail in the labs section of you Gmail account.

  2. Open Office
    In my last post about netbook apps I talked about Google Docs and how you can pretty much replace Word and other expensive Microsoft programs with it. That’s all great and dandy until you have no internet! Then what? Well, that is where Open Office comes in handy. Open Office is basically Word but in an open source package. The best part about it, it’s free!
  3. VLC Media Player
    Have you even gotten an email from Aunt Peggy and it’s some video you can’t seem to get Windows Media Player to open? Or maybe you have the same problem from your Uncle Mike sending you audio files in a weird format. I have yet to come across something that can get the best of VLC. This media player can pretty much handle any video or audio file you can throw at it. It’s also not a resource hog so it doesn’t slow down your netbook which is already short on CPU power.

Do you have other apps you use on a daily basis on your netbook? Feel free to list them below and share you experience!