The No Baggage Challenge – Rolf Potts

Author and world traveler (Vagabonder) Rolf Potts is planning a trip around the world without carrying a single bag or backpack with him. How you may ask? I’ll tell you.

He’s wearing a speical vest with some awesome pockets. The vest is a ScotteVest Tropical Jacket and is pretty freaking awesome. Rolf will also be wearing some cargo pants for some extra space. I personally learned years ago how valuable cargo pockets are and I think every pair of shorts or pants I own have cargo pockets.

Rolf’s journey will take him through 12 countries in 42 days. His pack list is about as minimal as one can get. A few extra pair of socks and underwear (he doesn’t say but I would really recommend ExOfficio)  along with a t-shirt is about all he’s taking for clothes. He’ll also be bringing a few packable toiletries and a few electronics plus his all his paper work. Other than that, he’s ready to go!

I will definitely be following his journey and I hope it will serve up a nice helping of inspiration and maybe even some useful travel tips! You can follow his jorney over at his blog.

I want to wish Rolf the best of luck with his travels!

Ohh and I really want one of those freaking vests! They look incredible!

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