Review: The Packing Book: Secrets of the Carry-on Traveler

I came across this book while browsing the travel section of my local library and thought I’d give it a read in hopes that I would be able to learn a thing or two. If not, maybe at least hone my packing skills. I however, wasn’t able to learn any new tricks. I spent around an hour flipping through this book hope I would be able to pick something up. I tried to keep in mind that not everyone is the same and not everyone wants to fit everything into a 40 litre backpack. Then I thought, well that is kind of what the site is all about.

Who is this book for? Well, this book is for someone who knows virtually nothing about packing or for people have major issues over-packing. Now that I got that out of the way I will say the author does offer some decent pack lists for many different occasions. I would however take the pack lists with a grain of salt and know that each list isn’t going to fit every situation. This book is only a few years old but you can tell the author isn’t on top of the latest technology.

For my specific needs, the pack lists have more clothes than one would need. The author suggests you have something in the neighborhood of five t-shirts. I don’t even wear that many when I’m at home! The author also suggests you take a rain coat, wind breaker, and poncho when a single packable jacket would be just fine for most situations. Not having to carry around a poncho and a windbreaker will save a fair amount of space in your bag.

The author does offer some valid information carry-on size limits, luggage and document security, and if you ever need to know how to pack a suit. My view of this book might different if I was writing for a site that was dedicated to “Minimalism Travel – Go Anywhere with a Suit” or something of the sort.

I can’t recommend this book but if you happen to be at the library and come across this, take a peak and maybe you’ll find a little bit of useful information.

If you find yourself in a must have situation, you can pick this book up from Amazon here:

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