Sustainable Living On The Road

One of my dreams since I can remember is to see the world. Back then it was just a simple dream to go on vacation to exotic places and see cool things. As I got older and started to grow up, I got jobs and started a career. That evil career monster clouded my dreams and replaced with it dreams of having a big house and expensive cars. Then the economy took a turn for the worse and my dreams of consumerism vanished!

I was finally liberated! I crawled out of my cubicle and started doing any job I could find. I sold cars, worked on websites, repaired PCs, and worked on bikes. Even though I was broke on my ass, life didn’t seem so bad and my real dreams started coming back to me.

This time I made it my goal to not only just see the world but live in it. Meet the people and really commit myself to obtaining my goals. The only problem was income. I tried blogging and starting websites; none of which really took off. I needed away to make a living on the road. Everything I read said to focus in on what you are good at. Sadly, I’m not that great at anything. I know how to do many different things but I am not great at one thing.

A year or so ago I started playing in the Foreign Exchange. I found a site that allowed you to play with fake money on the real market. I’ve always been interested in finance and the stock market. I think I was the only kid in my high school to read and enjoy a book on Warren Buffet. I played for a few months and tried my hand at some real money. I quickly lost most of it and continued to practice. I’ve since honed some of my forex skills and am currently saving money to invest. In the mean time I will be playing with fake money and tracking my progress. I will be doing my best to try and treat it as though it’s real money. That means less risky investing. Depending on how I do in the following months will determine if I can forge a sustainable income from the forex market.

My goal is to post the results at the end of each month. I won’t be reveling and dollar figures but I will be revealing percentages and things of that sort. Hopefully this will motivate me to write posts more often and stay true on my path to income independence.