New Minimalist Ebook – Comming Soon!

That’s right! The past few days I’ve been putting together an ebook. I thought I might as well hop on the band wagon and join the ranks of the ebook club.

My free ebook is simple little guide on how I became a minimalist.

The ebook will include 5 to 6 short chapters and 4 to 5 simple rules to follow. I’ve also included a short about me section and a few personal pointers.

Over the next few days I should hopefully be finishing it up and then beings the fun task of editing and proof reading.

I’d say that in the next week or so I’ll release the ebook. It will be released under the Creative Commons license and will be free to share. I only ask that you don’t modify my work and give credit where credit is due.

I will also be including some links to a few other bloggers out there whom I read on a regular basis. Be sure to keep an eye out!


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