Minimalist Update – Feb 6, 2010

Well another weekend is upon us. I have Sunday and Monday off so that means that I can continue my quest to eliminate my things.

Last weekend was a bust. There were a few issues with my storage unit and I wasn’t able to get in. That really didn’t sit well, but such is life.

This weekend will be different. I have to catch up from missing last week. I hope the weather fairs well and I can get some real work done.  Hopefully I can…

  • Go through 4 boxes
  • Donate night stands
  • Donate old TV (since it didn’t sell)
  • Sell bicycle
  • Donate at least 1 other large item

That’s what I have planned. Hopefully all will go well. I know that posting my goals really gave me some great motivation to get it done.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and their Football team wins. I’m not much of a fan so I’ll be cleaning.

Do you have any goals for this weekend besides football?



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