Weekend Minimalist Goals – Update 1/23-1/24/2010

My goals for this past weekend of mine where as follows.
  • Sell my old TV (takes up a ton of space)
  • Go through at least 2-3 boxes of stuff
  • Organize the storage unit
  • Donate at least one box of stuff that can’t be sold
  • Sell LCD monitor

Out of those 5 goals I completed 3.5 of them.

I was able to sell my unused LCD monitor on craigslist and get enough grocery money for the rest of the month and a little extra. I was also able to make it to my storage unit and dig into 4 boxes and clean them out; that’s one more than my goal mind you! Finally I dropped off half a truck load of random stuff that wasn’t needed anymore.

Ohh…what is the half a completed goal for? That is for my old TV. I listed it on craigslist but haven’t been able to sell it yet. I listed my old modded Xbox on craigslist also but haven’t had any luck there yet either.

My plan is to do this once a week and hopefully either totally eliminate the storage unit all together or at least move what ever is left into a 5’x5′ unit. I’d really like to get rid of the $40 a month bill that comes with my current unit.

The two pictures below include…

The current state of the storage unit and the bed of my truck. The cooler and the few items inside are to be sold online and the 3 boxes in the corner have some food and spices as well as items to to be sold and donated. The rest is going to be dropped off at the Good Will.

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