Mt. Bachelor Snowblast Tubing Park

Yesterday, myself and a few others headed up to Mt. Bachelor to try out their Snowblast Tubing Park. We had an absolute awesome time! The weather was a bit to be desired but overall a good time was had by all.

The way the park works is probably like most others. There is a mini lift that you attach your tube to and it pulls you up the mountain and automatically disconnects you from the line. Then you grab your tube and pick you lane. I want to say there about 8 lanes and they are all the same.  When you purchase your tickets you are able to tube as much as you want in a two hour span. Prices range from $10 for children and $13 for adults.

The Mt. Bachelor site has this to say about their park.

Located between the Ski and Sport building and the bottom of the Red Lift, experience the snow like never before! Snowblast Tubing Park, where the rubber meets the snow, is full of fun with an 800 foot ride full of rollers. Our surface lifts are built with the latest technology to pull you up the slope comfortably and quickly.

Part of me wishes I had brought my GPS and clocked how fast we were actually able to go. I know that with the snow that was falling down and the speeds we were going, it felt like mini needles on your cold face.

I give the park a 7 out of 10.

I do wish they had a run or two that had mini jumps or moguls. I think that would have added to the fun. Maybe it poses an insurance issue, who knows.

If you ever happen to be in Central Oregon during the winter and aren’t a skier or snowboarder check, out the Snowblast Tubing Park.

Mt. Bachelors Snowblast Tubing Park: