It’s 2015. Where the hell have I been?

I’ve gotten several emails asking me where I’ve gone, what I’ve been up to, and even wondering if I had died. Thankfully I’m not dead and have actually been pretty busy with life. The lack of posts have simply been due to the fact that I haven’t been travelling. Then I had ah-ha Moment! isn’t just about travel. It’s about minimalism, travel, AND life!

What exactly have I been up to?

I heard you moved. True story?

The New House - VagabondGuide.comIn a few posts you may have gathered I’ve packed up and moved from Central Oregon to the Willamette Valley which is still in Oregon but only better. The weather is better and it’s MUCH easier to have a garden. Which of course means fresh veggies!

I also heard you bought a house. Doesn’t sound very minimalist.

It’s true! I did buy a house. Albeit it a small house, it’s still a house. I could write a LONG post as to why I made this choice even though it seems like it goes against my very being. In short, I had things I wanted to do which would be impossible in an apartment and at best difficult in a rental house. They’ll be more on this in later posts.

You moved and bought a house. Do you even travel anymore?

Yes!…well…kinda. The truth is I haven’t traveled out of the U.S. in a long time. I still want to. I still need to travel out of the U.S. and explore the world. However, that requires a special kind of person to do this all the time. I tried and tried but being a 24/7/365 traveler isn’t something I can seem to master. That being said I do have some other ideas that still involve travel.

Other ideas? This better be good.

A passion of mine is motorcycles. I LOVE them. I love them as much if not more than I love world travel. Motorcycles and travel bring out very similar emotions and feelings in me and if I can’t travel the world you can bet I’ll be on two wheels as much as possible. With any luck there will be lots of shorter trips here in the U.S. on two wheels and of course I’ll be bringing you along.

BMW F800GS - Vagabondguide.comSo what kind of motorcycle do you ride?

I’ve currently got two stashed in my tiny garage. One for around town and tearing up dirt trails and the other for longer touring type rides. The around town trail bike is a 1994 Suzuki DR-650SE aka Suzi. The more touring type is a 2013 BMW F800GS aka Sophie.

What kind of posts do you have planned?

TONS of posts! Since VBG isn’t just about travel anymore and is branching out into the ‘life’ category I have posts planned around gardening and growing your own food, projects around the house using old and recycled material (I think they call this upcycling), motorcycle trips both close and far, and whatever else may strike my fancy.

Isn’t writing about things like gardens and home projects kind of the opposite of what a travel blog should be?

Probably. But it’s my freaking blog and I’ll write about what I want! That’s one of the great things about the internet.

There you have it! The last 3-4 years in a nutshell. Pretty interesting huh? Going from being able to fit my life and all my stuff fitting into a 40 liter backpack to buying a house and motorcycles. There is a method to my madness though and if you stick around and check back I promise it will be revealed to you.

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