Weekend Minimalist Goals

This weekend is the first weekend that I won’t be extremely busy. The previous weeks I have either been working, out of town, or up at the mountain skiing.  The goals for this weekend are get rid of some more stuff from my storage unit.  I plan to…

  • Sell my old TV (takes up a ton of space)
  • Go through at least 2-3 boxes of stuff
  • Organize the storage unit
  • Donate at least one box of stuff that can’t be sold
  • Sell LCD monitor

I’ll be sure to take some photos of before, after, and what I’m getting rid of.

I’m posting this in hopes of motivating myself to complete at least most of my list for fear of looking like a lazy ass.

On a side note

I was surfing the net reading random blogs about minimalism and ran across a list. The list was about different ways you could eliminate your stuff.  The list had the typical donate, throw away, etc, etc. Then I read one that really stuck out in my mind.

Mail one thing to a random person

This I thought was a fantastic idea. It will be something small (since I don’t want to have to pay any more than I have to for shipping) and useful in some way. I haven’t the slightest of what it’s going to be but I’m sure I can find something.

The only downside is that I won’t be there for the discussion between the family members of where this item came from. I can make something up in my head and have it be extremely entertaining though.


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