Oregon Fungi on the Smith River

Oregon is a beautiful place. I’ve call this amazing state my home for virtually my whole life and I’ve spent most of that time living in Central Oregon which is classified as a high desert. That means hot summers, cold and snowy winters, and virtually no rain. Central Oregon has it own unique beauty but having spent so many years there it was time for a change.

A little over 1 year ago we packed up and headed over the Cascade Mountains to the Willamette Valley. What did this mean for us?

Well…there is rain! And 4 DIFFERENT season! And lots of fungi!

The Willamette Valley, like Central Oregon has it’s own beauty and one of the things that has really caught our attention is the wide variety mushrooms.


Best Guess – Pleurotus Ostreatus: The Oyster Mushroom


Best Guess – Pleurotus Ostreatus: The Oyster Mushroom

Possibly: Fomitopsis Pinicola: Red Banded Polypore

Best Guess – Fomitopsis Pinicola: Red Banded Polypore

The Willamette Valley has much to offer visually. However there are times when it’s not terribly picturesque. The photo below is of a recent logging clear cut. After a logging operation the area is replanted with saplings and left undisturbed. This allows the saplings to all grow and have the best chance for survival.


Clear Cut

Clear Cut

And to help with the “yuck” factor of the last photo here is a beautiful valley filling with mist.

Misty Valley

Misty Valley

During this outing the rain fell in sheets and the wind wiped around with no mercy. Several small towns in the area lost power and there were down trees everywhere. Much like the one below.

Downed Tree

Downed Tree

At the end of the day we traveled around 175 miles and made it to the Oregon coast. The drive was full of adventure and was tons of fun. If you happen to find yourself in Oregon in the Eugene/Springfield area I would highly recommend taking the route below. There is plenty to see and experience.

Eugene to Reedsport

Eugene to Reedsport

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