Cascades Raptor Center – Video Tour

The Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene, Oregon can be summed up in one word…Awesome! 

This place was so much fun and it didn’t cost a ton. I think it was around $7 to $8 per person and is totally self guided. The Cascades Raptor Center is ran 100% by volunteers and supported by donations. The staff from the people who greet you when you walk in to the vets that help the injured birds is all unpaid volunteer.  

What is the Cascades Raptor Center all about? In simple terms they are all about rescuing injured birds of prey. That doesn’t mean that they don’t help other birds though. In one of the enclosures there was a playful Raven that just wanted to peck at anything that got near his cage.  

They often have handlers walking around with hawks and various other birds on their arms answering questions. The Center also does demonstrations, goes to schools, and you can even book them for a party. What’s not to love!? 

If you find yourself in the Eugene, Oregon area and enjoy some up close and personal wildlife, stop by the Cascades Raptor Center. It’s cheap, fun, great for kids, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  


I hope you enjoyed the video and photos. Leave a comment below with your thoughts and comments. You can also find me on Facebook! Your likes makes me smile. Also have a peek at the Cascades Raptor Center Facebook!



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