80/20 Rule For Your Things

The 80/20 rule is a fantastic rule to apply to many aspects of your life. Living a minimalist lifestyle this rule can come into play in even more areas. This post is aimed toward the things you use on a regular basis.

The thing to keep in mind when picking up a new item that you just have to asking yourself one question…

Can I use this object in more than one situation?


Is this object able to serve a dual purpose?

My phone for instance is not just a phone. It’s a Swiss Army Knife of gadgets in one. Yes, I’m able to make and receive calls, text messages, and emails. I’m also able to play and stream music/pod casts, thus eliminating the need for an mp3 player. I can also use my phone as a navigation GPS, subtracting the need for an external GPS unit.

The a few key things to keep in mind is not just can this object function as multiple devices but can it be used in multiple situations?

The truck I drive everyday is a 1988 Toyota Pickup. I bought it because the guy that was selling it needed cash and it was a deal I could not to pass up. After I bought the truck I realized its true potential. I realized that it’s small enough to get a decent gas mileage, big enough to haul stuff, and powerful enough to tow a trailer. My old Jeep Wrangler was only able to do 2 out of 3 of those, my Car, 1 out of 3. Starting to get my thought process?

With this kind of thinking I have been able to sell/give away/get rid of lots of stuff!

Now that I’m not playing PC games, I don’t need a huge desktop. My laptop works wonders. I can still do everything my desktop was able to do. I can still hook up a monitor, keyboard, and mouse and make it function like a full on desktop if I want to. It also has built in speakers, Bluetooth, and  a webcam. The laptop takes up less space, less power, and I can take it with me. Something you aren’t able to do with a desktop.

I’m willing to bet that 20% of your items are able to do 80% of the jobs you want them to do.

My list of multifunctional items could go on for days.

Just keep this post in mind when you are buying something new. If the item can’t serve a dual purpose, rethink your purchase.

Disclaimer – I understand this doesn’t apply to EVERY situation but I don’t care. It’s one of my rules.

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