8 Must Have Netbook Apps

Having seen a recent post over at Life Excursion titled “What to Bring on Your World Domination Excursion” I got an idea. In his post he states how awesome the MSI Wind is. As some of you may know, I also have one of these little wonders of technology and I also think that it totally rocks! I’m actually writing this post on it right now! This gave me an idea. What programs do I use on this netbook on a daily basis? After coming up with a few I decided it was time for a Must Have Netbook Apps list!

Who doesn’t love a list?

1. Google Chrome Web Browser

Recently I started using this browser for several different reasons. Those who know me on a personal level would have pinned me for a diehard Fire Fox fan. And I was for the longest time. Then FF started getting bloated and eating ram left and right if a window had been left open over night. It was almost as I had been using IE.

Chrome on the other hand is simple, fast, and if one tab crashes you don’t have to close the whole browser. Just the one tab! Brilliant!

1a. Xmarks

Xmarks has been replaced by Chrome’s built in bookmark sync tool. It’s located under “Options” then the “Personal Stuff” tab. Then just look for the Sync option.

2. TweetDeck

This is a pretty sweet little app for those of you that like to use twitter. I’m a twitter whore. I have it on my phone and on both laptops. I’ve tried several different apps and this has come out on top almost every time. Try it!

3. DropBox

I’m sure of you have heard of DropBox or even use it but if you haven’t go get it now. You can sign up for a free 2gb account. My last post was about backups and how important they are. This app is so simple you don’t even notice it. All you have to do is pick a folder and all your docs, pics, etc are synced to a server and then can be synced with other computers. It’s like Xmarks but for files instead of book marks. It’s great for transferring files between work computers and home and vice versa.

3b. SugarSync

SugarSync is a great alternative to Dropbox. You get a few more GB with SugarSync if you decide to pay for a service. There are a few other minor differences but nothing major. I suggest you try both and go with the one you feel most comfortable with!

3b. EverNote

EverNote is similar to DropBox but only for your notes. I use EverNote on my Android phone since they have a pretty sweet app. They also have a desktop app that is pretty nice. EverNote keeps everything synced between your devices. Note storage includes more than just text notes. You can attached photos (I use the camera on my phone to store hand written notes a lot), audio, video, files, and even recored voice notes.

4. Mozy Online Backup

Here again, backups are key!  I’ve used this service off and on for a few years now. It’s awesome. Pick the folders you want backed up and it goes to work zooming your files to the Mozy servers already encrypted. At $5 or less a month for unlimited storage, you can’t go wrong. Yes, I said UNLIMITED. From what I read they seem to mean it. Currently I only have about 75gb of data stored with them but that grows on a daily basis.

5. LogMeIn.com

This is a great free alternative to GoToMyPc.com. Install a little app on the PC you want to remote control and you’re done.  When you’re out and about just head to the website, log in, and choose the PC you want to control and you’re done. You now have full access to your remote computer.

If you want to shell out a few extra bones they have some killer addons. Things like remote file access and a few others that look interesting. For me, the free account is good enough.

6. Foxit PDF Reader
(make sure to click the free reader)

I stumbled across this program awhile back and fell in love. I’ve never been a fan of the free adobe PDF reader and either is my netbook. Foxit is light weight and quick. Adobe seems to take FOREVER to start where foxit just zooms open.

7. CutePDF Printer/Writer

Currently I don’t own a printer. I hate printers. I think they were put on this Earth to make my life a living hell. That being said, PDFs are the way to go. CutePDF Printer allows you to take a document like Microsoft Word and print it into a PDF. Just like printing to a normal printer this programs makes a little PDF that you save and then send via email. Save paper, save time, save frustration, and even make Mother Earth a little happier.

8. Google Docs

I’m a Google fanboy. There, I said it! Happy?

I do have Microsoft Office installed on my netbook for various personal reasons but I don’t NEED it. All thanks to Google Docs. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint can all be opened and viewed in Gdocs. Compose a new word file or start a new spreadsheet. All can be done in Gdocs. And all for free. All you need is a gmail account. But honestly though? Who doesn’t have one of those?

Well there you have it. Those are the 8 Must Have Netbook Apps that I use daily on my Netbook. I love them all and they make my life a little simpler.

Go forth and enjoy my little minions!

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