The Importance of Backups

Let me first start off by saying this…

I am a hypocrite.

Yup, that’s right.

I’m an I.T. guy and have been for years and years. I’ve had the “you should think about a backup solution” talk with countless clients. Some as a preventive measure and some as an afterthought.

Up until about 6 months ago I had always had a desktop computer with massive storage space. I also always had either a server or an external hard drive in my house to make a second copy of my important files. While I was employed I also paid for an online backup service for my off site backup.

Life sometimes likes to throw you a curve ball. I had lost my job and money was tight, so I canceled my online backup monthly subscription to save a few bucks. No need to worry because I still had two copies of my important documents and pictures in my house.

Then I decide it’s time to move and reduce costs even more. I take down my desktop and migrate most of my stuff on to a laptop. The laptop I was using at the time didn’t have enough space for all of my photos and music. I made the choice to put the music on my laptop and the photos on an external drive. The external drive was encrypted using truecrypt and an encryption method that was almost impossible to crack. No worries.

That leads us up to yesterday.

I have a need to dig up some old photos for a photography gig and to my dismay am unable to locate my external HD. It’s nowhere to be found.  I turn the house upside down, dig into my storage unit, and even go to my buddy’s house where I lived for a month. All my efforts are wasted. The HD is gone. By this point I’m freaking out and have to rummage back into my storage unit to locate my old desktop , remove the HD and pull the photos off.

Thankfully I was able to recover 8 years worth of photos and only lose about 5 months worth. Five sad months mind you, but it’s a lot better than 8 years!

What did I do after copying the photos onto my laptop? Signed back up for a Mozy account. As I sit and write this, 80+GBs of data is zooming through the net to a safe and secure location.

Let this be a lesson. Spare no expense when it files that cannot be replaced, because the moment you do is the moment that something will happen. I lapsed for 5 months out of 8 years and got bitten.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for future posts about various choices for online backup and remote work options.