The Hoo-Rag | Product Review

A few days ago I received a Hoo-Rag in the mail. The Hoo-Rag company wanted me to give it try, write a review and give you my thoughts. 

My first thoughts when pulling the Hoo-Rag out of the package was that it was simply just a piece cloth that had been put together to make a tube. My initial inspection was that the cloth was very thin (almost see though) and the edges were starting to fray since they weren’t hemmed. The cloth however was very stretchy and quite soft. It felt nice against your skin.

I first wanted to get a females take on the Hoo-Rag so I gave it to my special lady to try out for a day. She tried to wear it in different setups but was just having a hard time making it work. She has short hair and it would appear that some of the ways you can wear the Hoo-Rag were really meant for girls with longer hair. She gave up quickly but that’s pretty standard. 🙂

After spending a day with the Hoo-Rag I decided to take it for a spin. As I said earlier the material it’s made of feels very nice on your skin. I’m not a small guy and have a big head so some of the ways they suggest you wear the Hoo-Rag just didn’t work for me. For example, the balaclava setup ended up choking me which in turn caused me to pass out, fall out of my chair, and smack my head on my desk. Ok, so that’s not true but that’s what I thought might happen. I did however try other styles. The neck scarf thing works out well along with the over the nose I’m going to rob a bank look. Anyway, you can see what tried below.

The Neck Thing - Hoo-Rag

The Neck Thing – Hoo-Rag


The Bank Robber - Hoo-Rag

The Bank Robber – Hoo-Rag


The Survivorman - Hoo-Rag

The Survivorman – Hoo-Rag


The Old Russian Woman - Hoo-Rag

The Old Russian Woman – Hoo-Rag

As I sit here and write this post I have the Hoo-Rag around my neck and I’ve actually forgot it was there several times. It’s very comfortable now that I’ve gotten used it and over the coming days I’ll continue to try it out. This versitile piece of cloth can be used in many situations. For me, I personally would probably only wear it two or three ways but I can see how it would work nicely while traveling. The Hoo-Rag has much more functionality than a standard hankerchief and in my opinion is much more styleish. My main concerns for the Hoo-Rag is the seam breaking and the edges fraying to a point where it’s not usable.

I like to get serveral years out of the stuff I buy and I’m not sure how this product would hold up to constant use. That being said, I can see many benefits of the Hoo-Rag while on the road. It’s very light weight, packs into a small space, and has multiple uses. That meets the requirments for me to even consider making room in travel backpack