There is no YOU in Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

For the most part of 2009 I was dealing with getting my life in order. Picking up the pieces from a crumbling economy and ruined technology job market. I lost my job/jobs and my house. I was left with what was to me, a mountain of debt along with some other “I’d rather shove rusty nails into my eyes” experiences.

Time passed and 2010 FINALLY got here and things are looking up. I’ve gotten over some very tall hurdles and my mountain of debt is now a small mole hill. Currently I’m working a regular 5 day a week 40 hour job that is paying the bills while I try to set up some passive income streams.

After figuring out what kind of business I’d like to start the next step  is getting a business registered. My hat goes off to the state of Oregon and their online filing system. It was cake to say the least. I also had a few questions after I was done and I was able to call them and not wait on hold. The fellow that answered the phone was very helpful and just pleasant to speak with.

The next step after setting up an LLC with the state of Oregon is registering for an EIN number with the IRS. This task I thought was going to be as streamlined as registering my business with Oregon.

Not exactly…

The process seemed simple enough. Log on, fill out the info and hit submit. Get an EIN number and I’m set.

Not so simple…

I get to the end of the form and it says I need to call. So I call, wait on hold for 16 minutes. Redo the whole process over the phone only to find out that I need to fax in some documents. Mind you, I’m sitting in my truck outside the Post Office on my cell phone. Not exactly easy to fax documents that I don’t have while sitting in my truck with my netbook and a cell phone.

The next day I acquire said documents and again, call and waited on hold for another 15 minutes only to be transferred again to a different department where I had to wait on hold for 18 minutes.


Finally I get connected to a younger guy named Nick. Nick is a life saver. Where everyone else just wanted to pass the buck and ignore troubles I’ve had thus far, Nick seemed to be genuinely concerned. He was able to help me fill out the necessary forms and currently I am waiting for the paper work to be filed and my EIN granted to me.

It turns out that the root of all my problems stems from the fact that there was another company by the same exact name in Oregon that had failed and gone out of business.