2010 A New Year – A New You?

After reading on and on about everyone’s new year’s resolutions and what not I figured I better hop on the band wagon and get my $0.02 in…So here goes!

Looking back one year ago I honestly can’t remember exactly what I was doing…All I know is that I was working for a local computer repair company and trying to deal with a mound of debt. I was very unhappy and stressing over just about everything. Looking back another year and many years before that, all the way back to when I was a teenager are pretty blurry. However, the year of 2009 was a little different…

In the past 8 months my life has been turned upside down and spun around until it puked unwanted debt and a list of various other items a bit long to type. I think some bullet points are in order!

  • I was about to knock out 80% of my debt
  • I sold almost everything I own (it all fits in an 8x8x10 storage unit)
  • I was able to get some long needed dental work done
  • Started keeping a semi-regular blog
  • Also started keeping a more regular written journal
  • Finally, started to investigated passive income sources

Many of those took a lot of time and effort. I am however starting to see fruits of my labor in my day to day life.

I’ve been able to save money which will come in handy later. I’ve meet a lot of new people that have been able to show me some incredible things. I’ve been able to learn/teach myself new skills. All of that and more while minimizing my life.

On the last page of my written journal I’ve made a list in permanent ink of all the things that I’d like to do in my lifetime, everything large and small. They are all goals. When I complete one of those goals I scratch it out and pat myself on the back. It’s truly a wonderful feeling no matter the goal.

Write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.

Check back on a regular basis. I have new posts in the works along with some pictures from 2009.

Cheers all!