Cost of Living Around the World

The cost of living around the world can vary by massive amounts. I’m sure a lot of people have thought about at one time or another how much it’d cost to live overseas and become an expat.

I’ve heard of people using the gallon of milk to compare cost of living here in the US but what about in other countries? The US is pretty much the only country to use the gallon and not everyone drinks milk like we do here in the States.

Enter the Big Mac.

When I saw this chart I thought it was pure brilliance. McDonalds has managed to infiltrate just about every corner of the Earth with no signs of stopping. Everywhere you go you can order a Happy Meal or in this case a Big Mac.

The following chart is a comparison of the price of a Big Mac from various countries. The US is neutral and either goes up or down from there based on the Big Mac. This is supposed to be directly proportioned to the actual cost of living in that country.

Mull it over, make you selection and tell you family you’re moving Hong Kong because Big Macs are damn cheap there!

Cost of Living Around the World - VagabondGuide

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