Product Review: Kiva Key Chain Backpack

All packed up

That’s right kids. Another product review. I know you are freakin’ excited but please try and contain yourself. This next item relates to that saying. Big things in small packages…or something like that.

The Kiva Key Chain Backpack is a  little devil that weighs pretty much nothing and packs away into pretty much nothing. When expanded, it’s a decent size. I picked on up in black for about $7 USD. You never now when you may need an extra bag for something. I plan on taking only my one day pack when I’m traveling but who knows. Maybe I want to be a tourist and pick up a souvenir or two and have no place for them since my day pack will be stuffed full.

The build quality feels kinda cheap but what do you want for 5 bones? It’s meant to be an emergency back up. It’s small enough to fit inside a spare few square inches insides my day pack.


I’ve set the bag next to a small match box for a size comparison.  As you can see. It’s tiny. I was very impressed by the size of the bag when unpacked.

I’ve really gotten into these “packable” items. I’m currently on a quest to find a packable wind breaker/rain coat. Something light and can be pulled over something like a sweatshirt to keep me warm and dry.

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