Night Photography in San Diego

Last week I had the chance to spend around four days down in San Diego California. The company I’m currently working for wanted a few coworkers and myself to attend a web conference. I of course said I’d be happy to go and thought it’d be a great chance to do some night photography in San Diego.

We were put up at the Hyatt in the Mission Bay area. While the hotel seemed a bit old it wasn’t run down and the hotel grounds were very nice. Originally I was put on the second floor of a villa and my window looked at a patch of palm trees. This would not do! I quickly upgraded my room and ended up staying on the 12th floor. The pool was beautiful and so was the view.

A few days ago I posted a panorama from my balcony which turned out rather well if you ask me. Be sure to check that out too.

Alright, I’m sure you here to see a few photos so I won’t keep you waiting any longer. The photos below were taken with a Nikon D7000 using a Sigma 24mm prime lens.

This first image was taken off my balcony. Over the water you can see Belmont Park and their roller coaster.

Mission Bay & Belmont Park

 Full Resolution

This second image is looking South from the hotel room.

Mission Bay

 Full Resolution

In the coming days I hope to put together a little time lapse video for your viewing pleasure. Keep an eye out for that! 

NOTE: Like all my other photos I’ve released these under a Creative Commons license. You can find the info in the sidebar but basically you can use my photos for personal use. You may use them on your personal site. If you’d like to use them for a ad or some sort of commercial site please contact me and we can work out a deal. Stealing is bad…mmmkay?

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