Jetboat on the Rogue River

Grants Pass Oregon - Hellgate Jetboat

I had the chance to go on my first jetboat on the Rogue River a few weekends ago and was able to do some camping along the Rogue River just outside Grants Pass, Oregon. Some of you may have seen my quick HDR Timelapse from the river bank.

We started out in Grants Pass and traveled down river for a while. Make sure to slow down and enjoy the scenery. We were able to see various birds including Bald Eagles. We even stopped so a young boy to take a bathroom break in the woods. Overall a nice trip down river but once we reached the end and it was time to turn around is when the fun starts.

The drivers are famous for being somewhat entertaining over their microphone  but mostly they love to spin the boat around and splash their riders. I’d say this is why most people end up on the tour for a fun and sometimes wet afternoon, although this isn’t for everyone. Among the passengers was a young girl in her early 20s who was in tears. Makeup was cascading out from under her huge designer sunglasses and she had a death grip on her boyfriend’s leg.  It’s safe to say she was scared. After the first 45 minutes she had calmed down and actually started to enjoy herself. I think she felt better once we had to put our life jackets on.

We took the long ride which was about 5 hours round trip and totally worth the extra money. If you’re curious I went through Hellgate Jetboat Excursions. If you haven’t been on one and you get a chance, I’d say take it. It’s a blast and worth the money.

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