Clothes Review: Columbia Long-Sleeve Shirt

After have a discussion with a friend of mine. I’ve decided to try and keep my blog on track…or mostly anyway. With that in mind and my blog being primarily aimed at travel here is my first review.

To the left you will see some random black man wearing a Columbia Sportswear Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt. I purchased this shirt yesterday and love it. I know it might be hard to review a shirt after one day but you don’t know me. As of about noon yesterday I’ve spilled water and other liquids (the alcoholic kind) on the shirt. I wore it during the heat of the day as well as in the cool evening. Not to mention during a heated game of Taboo. *side note: I hate hate HATE games like that*

Some folks on the intertubes have said that this shirt was “scratchy” or “itchy”. LIES! LIES! I tell you! Maybe I don’t have the most baby soft skin but I did not think that at all. I could have slept in this shirt all night with no problems what so ever.

The water that was spilled dried fast. I was able to roll the sleeves up when I got hot and my sleeves stayed up thanks to their button flaps. Velcro breast pockets are used to keep your items in your pockets.

Over the next few months I’ll be gather items that are super light and weigh next to nothing in preparation of a backpacking trip…Hopefully.

Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming item reviews as well as a post about how I pack ultra light for a long trip.

I picked this shirt up from REI localy but here is the link.


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