Life is not that bad…

The other night I was grillin’ up some burgers. Not just any burgers though. Buffalo burgers. As I sat there with the smell of cherry wood smoking some good buffalo, I couldn’t help but think about a lot of profound things.

Do I have a good job? No. Do I have a job at all? No. I’m not rich or have a LOTS of friends. I’m also getting ready to lose my house due to the prior statements about a job. I thought, what DO I have?

I have my health. Well, most of it. I’m alive. I’m also selling 95% of my worldly possessions to make enough money to eat.

Right then, I look up out of my $4.99 chair from goodwill to see my 1988 Toyota pickup with a smoking grill on tail gate smoking some good meat. Out of all the chaos and shit that happens everyday, I think that life isn’t so bad. There are a lot rich folk out there that will never get to experience cooking meat on the back of a tailgate in their own garage with hardly a cent in their pockets. I felt very rich at that moment.

BBQin' on the tailgate

Then life came back and smacked me right in the face…OHH SHIT! MY BBQ IS ON FIRE!

All is well though. I had my water bottle near by for such emergency.

Just some final thoughts for this heart to heart blog post…don’t let things get to you. I’m trying very hard to take my own advice.

Since then…I got my garbage disposal to work so my kitchen won’t stink. I’ve applied for a few decent jobs that will pay the bills. I also just ate a handful of Oreos with a tall glass of milk.

Mmmm Buffalo….


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