MSI Wind

Awhile back I pre-ordered a MSI Wind. After a few delays and some bad news about not getting a 6 cell battery and only getting a 3 cell they send me an email saying that they are upgrading my shipping to 2nd day. I gather this news as a good sign that they are close to shipping.

Well turns out that they shipped right in the middle of my little vacation so my little laptop had to sit at my PO Box for about 4 days. Long story short I finally get home and get to unbox my Wind.

After getting everything set up and Windows booted. I come to find out my wireless is dropping about every 45-60 seconds. Not good. I go online to see if I can find a solution. I find that a lot of people are getting their Winds with the wireless card only plugged in halfway. No problem…except you have to void the warranty to get to the wireless card…and the ram…sigh. What do I do?

I void the warrenty and pop the backside off the Wind and plug the card back in and everything is working in tip top shape.

I let the lil monster charge for about 2 hours and unplug her to go sit down and play with my new toy.

After about 60 seconds Windows goes into standby mode due to low battery.

Again, long story short. I have a bad battery that needs to be RMAed. Great. I pay for shipping of the dead battery and am currently in the “hurry up and wait” mode for a new battery to arrive.

Other than those 2 problems. I’ve been running on AC power and have ZERO complaints toward this beast. It’s fast, it’s tiny, it has a great screen, and it’s weighs about as much as my blackberry (I swear!)

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