Super 8 – Clean Sheets?

As stated in a previous post. I just took a trip to Estes Park Colorado. It was a nice little trip. Saw some very cool things and got to see some family I haven’t seen in some time. All around a decent trip. This little trip did not start out so great.

Super 8 Motel. The fantastic place that it is, tried to put us in a smoking room when we booked a NON smoking room. I’m not sure if any of you have stepped foot into a smoking hotel room but it is nothing short of a punch in the face from Mike Tyson.

After I complain and tell them how pissed off I am they put me into a non smoking room.

Ok…I can finally relax and get some sleep after flying all day. Nope…wrong again.

I pull back the sheets to reveal two quarter sized blood stains on my sheets mixed with about 6-8 random sized hair from short to long.

I head back upstairs and I’m furious by this point. They promptly come down to my room to look at the stains and he reassures me that the sheets are all clean and washed in hot water. After which the manager tells his maid to change my sheets.

Ok, rest time for me. FINALLY!

Wait a minute! What the fuck is that? I exclaim! It’s a dollar bill sized dark yellow stain on the under side of my pillow. This isn’t going to cut it. I head back upstairs for a 3rd time. I tell him I want my money back or I’m calling the heatlth department to report this violation. I also mixed in a few “not nice words” to get my point across.

The money was quickly refunded and I headed up the street to the Comfort Inn and had a nice clean, quite, and less expensive stay.

I will never stay in a Super 8 ever again. I will sleep in the grass at the park before I stay there.

If you see this hotel in Estes Park, CO. Run…run far far away!

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