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I’m getting ready to go on a little trip to Colorado and I thought it’d be neat to send home a postcard from myself. To do that I needed postage. I needed special postage. Postcard postage stamps. After doing some research in turns out that postcard stamps are only $0.27 for domestic postcards and $0.94 for international. Much better than the $0.42 or what ever it is for regular mail.

In my internet quest for postcard rates, I ran across this site.

This is a really unique site I think. You register and put in your physical address. Then you request an address of someone else to whom you send a postcard from you local area. Then once they get yours, one is sent to you from somewhere in the world.


In an age where email rules and regular mail is forgotten (except to ship a package). This is a nice change of pace. At only a dollar to ship an international postcard I think it might be fun to partake in this long forgotten technology of snail mail.

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