My Quest to Learn a New Language

Having had minimal foreign language experience in the past, I feel it’s time to learn. I have chosen Japanese for several reasons. One of which of course is, I’d love to travel around Japan for awhile.

I slacked off both times I took German in high school and I’ve picked up a few words here and there in Spanish. I am no where near fluent in either German or Spanish and only know a few key words.

My quest to learn Japanese started out with a few different audio books last week. I have a 20 minute drive to and from work each day and my thought was why not use some of that time to start learning. Things were slow to start, so I took the next reasonable step which was to call the local community college. Which I was informed that they only teach German, Spanish, Italian, and French. Then the foreign language director informed me that she wasn’t aware of anyone in town who teaches either.

The next thought I had was to give the high schools in town a call. Turns out that my old high school has a Japanese teacher. I was able to leave them a message and hopefully get a call back sometime today.

In the mean time however I’ll be grabbing myself a copy of Rosetta Stone and we’ll see how I do on that as well as continuing to listen to my audio books.

My learning style differs depending what I’m learning. This should be an interesting experience.